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Tata Motors to begin electric vehicles initiative from Sanand: Mayank Pareek

August 09, 2018
At a time when the Union government is bullish for promoting electric vehicles, Sanand Industrial Estate, located some 35km from Ahmedabad, is emerging as a preferred destination for passenger and commercial vehicles manufacturer, Tata Motors, for manufacturing electric passenger vehicles.

Tata Motors has decided to begin with its electric vehicles initiative from its manufacturing facility in Sanand Industrial Estate. The announcement was made by Mayank Pareek, president of the Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, while at the company's plant in Sanand on Tuesday.

Sharing more details, Pareek said, "We have decided to start our EV initiative from Sanand. Sanand is emerging as an EV capital of India."

At present, the company is already manufacturing the electric variant of Tata Tigor at the Sanand Plant. The company has a target of manufacturing more than 5,000 electric variants of the Tigor model, based on the orders. Of these, some 250 vehicles have already been manufactured and rolled out in March 2018.

Tata Motors' Sanand plant has a capacity of producing some 400 vehicles per day, working in two shifts. The plant, which also manufactures Nano, Tiago, Tiago AMT, Tigor and Tigor AMT has reached 100 per cent capacity utilisation, having rolled out more than 4.5 lakh cars at the plant so far. Currently, some 60 per cent of the total passenger vehicles production of the company comes from its plant in Sanand.

When queried about future plans of the company with regards to electric vehicle manufacturing at Sanand, Pareek said, "There are several factors which need to be taken into consideration including government policy around electric vehicles as well as the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles. We will take a further decision then after."

Tata Motors plans to expand its production capacity to 500 vehicles per day, by the end of the financial year 2018-19. The company officials also said the Sanand plant is set to cross the 5 lakh units production mark by October this year.

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