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Traco wins ₹50-crore order from Rajasthan.

Date: September 10, 2018
The State-owned Traco Cable Company Limited has clinched an order for weasel conductor worth ₹50 crore from the Rajasthan Power Distribution Board. This the biggest order for a single variety conductor for Traco, which recently enhanced its production capacity by 3,000 tonnes.

The order for the 20,000-km weasel conductor production was clinched after Traco competed with 28 major producers, said a communication from the company. Santosh Koshy Thomas, managing director, said Traco had increased its geographical footprint and the ₹50-crore order was a boost to the company’s marketing drive. The orders reflect Traco’s ability to win the trust of power utilities in the country other than the Kerala State Electricity Board, he claimed.

Traco has orders worth ₹3.71 crore and ₹1.2 crore from the Punjab State Power Corporation and Jodhpur Electricity Board respectively. Besides, the company has received orders worth ₹46 crore for underground cables and aerial bunched cable.

Traco expects to increase its annual sales turnover to ₹200 crore this financial year from last year’s level of ₹125 crore. Traco is upbeat about increasing sale of products like underground and bunched cables as well as weather-proof and control cables with increased level of production.

Traco, which is 55 years old, had increased its production capacity from 6,000 tonnes to 9,000 tonnes by inducting new machinery at its production facilities at Irumbanam, Thiruvalla and Thalassery.

The company, which is facing stiff competition from other players in the market for house wiring coils, has been able to get a breakthrough by increasing production at the Pinarayi unit in the second half of the current financial year.

Mr. Koshy Thomas attributed the success of the company to the close cooperation between the management and the trade unions as well as the State government policies.

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