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Projects India gives you the latest information on the INVESTMENTS happening across the India with detailed information about the project along with verified concern/key person name, required contact details & involved consultants, contractors & architects. Simultaneously giving recent news related to the ongoing & upcoming projects, Business, Infrastructure, Economy, Finance, Agriculture etc. so that you can stay one step ahead to grow your business. Projects India can help you to get your product specified at the right time or to find out where the next major INVESTMENT will be.
  • Projects India covers the 90% private sector projects from National Level

  • Covers the projects from 6 major, 45+ minor sectors & 4 different Stages

    • Major Sectors: Industrial, Construction, Power, Infrastructure, Mining, & Irrigation

    • Stages: Nascent, Planning, Implementation & Partial Completed

  • In Each & Every Project - Details Covered:

    • Promoter Name, Project Title, Project Status, Project Cost, Contractor, Consultant, Architect, Industry, Location, Product, Capacity, Completion Date, Contact Details, Remark, Project updates etc

  • Projects India is Promising that 400+ in a month & 3600+ live projects in a year from All India; All Sectors

  • Easy Reach to Key Decision Makers of the Projects

  • Sales leads delivered directly to your PC - what more could you want?

  • Giving Latest News related to the Projects

What we offer?

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Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to become known as one of the most ethical service providers, in our industry and in business. The decision we make will be infused with our core ethics.
  • Our Vission

    To be one, among the top ten, Service Providers in Projects Industry in India.
  • Our Goal

    Our goals to archive our Vision
    • 1. To Strengthen our leadership in the Projects Industry
    • 2. Evolve & improve our services and customer support
    • 3. Build a sustainable, responsible and efficient organization of the future
    • 4. Manage proactively for demonstrable results
  • Believing

    Believing illustrates basic things that we trust when driving the business in our industry.
    • 1. Active customer oriented sales work
    • 2. Synergies from wide customer and Partners
    • 3. Importance of services
    • 4. Common development work and sharing best practices
    • 5. Client relations supported by modern technology